Company Challenges

The ICCM Office Team have been keeping active by taking part in various fundraising activities;

2.6 Challenge

A few of us at ICCM took part in the 2.6 challenge, where we raised £62.00 in aid of Save the Children by completing any challenge (active of course) as long as it has the number 26 in it!


Arron & his family took part in a 2.6 mile walk, Josie attempted a 6.2 mile (but went a little over) and Caroline took part in 26 different activities 26 times – Check the original post on our Facebook.








TikTok #TheWeekendChallenge

Those of us with dancing feet, took part in TikTok’s #TheWeekendChallenge – Check out the full video here.

Mental Health Awareness Week

At the end of May, it was Mental Health Awareness Week with the topic being ‘Kindness’. For many of us, kindness can be interpreted in various different ways. From a simple text to say hello to a friend, family member or colleague, the local community offering help to receiving a package full of goodies! There have been plenty of acts of kindness between the ICCM family over the course of the past few months; Local schools donated handmade PPE to ensure our Carers didn’t go without! See the full post on our Social Media here.

The Senior Management Team contacted various national and local companies, organising for all members of staff at ICCM to receive a box of goodies – Delivered by our Logistical Manager, Dexter!


Another of our PA’s collected, Julie, decorated and filled a whopping 25 shoeboxes for her local theatre’s Rainbow Shoebox Appeal. All donated by ICCM PAs and Rapids and ICCM clients and PA’s children providing artwork. They were distributed to vulnerable children who have been affected by COVID-19.










Chinese Year of the Rat

Did you know 2020 is the Chinese year of the Rat? ? One of our amazing clients and her care team have shared us how she has celebrated the occasion!”Meet Lizzie. A smiley, sparkly eyed, splendidly ‘sensory being’. Lizzie is 24 and lives in her own beautifully adapted bungalow. Lizzie has PMLD-(profound multiple learning disability), Epilepsy, is non-verbal and with the support of her fabulous family and ICCM care team, lives a truly person-centred life which is ramjamfull of meaning. We have recently been introducing some themes to help us to focus on slowing down the pace at times and to celebrate and explore the sensory world (in which we all reside) with Lizzie. In the Chinese Lunar calendar, 2020 is the year of the rat and so too was the year in which our lovely Lizzie was born.


Earlier in the year, we marked the occasion in a variety of creative and meaningful ways; baking some delicious, traditional pineapple cookies, smelling the aromas of incense, feeling the sensation of vibrating toy rats, watching dragon and lion dances in person at a local art gallery, listening to Chinese music, enjoying indoor fireworks, sharing fortune cookies and lucky coins with our friends. We sampled some tasty Chinese food, decorated the home with
lanterns, watched a Peppa Pig episode about Chinese New Year and even met some (surprisingly amiable if not a little stinky!) rats at the pet shop. Here are a few photographs encapsulating the fun Lizzie – and we – had. On behalf of Lizzie, her family and her PAs, ‘Kung Hei Fat Choy!’ Xx”


COVID-19 Fact Sheet

We know that it can get very confusing deciphering the facts from fiction when there are so many things in circulation about COVID-19 – Just remember to follow government advice and if unsure, check out their website.

What is COVID-19?

Coronavirus is a type of virus – COVID-19 is a new strain, which means that no-one has caught it before and our bodies are yet to become immune from it. COVID-19 symptoms can range from mild (or no symptoms) to severe illness.

Why is COVID-19 dangerous?

This strand of Coronavirus is particularly dangerous as the virus affects the cells in our lungs and can stop the cells from doing their jobs, which is helping us to breathe.

Who can catch it?

Everyone is at risk of getting COVID-19. Older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions may be at higher risk for more severe illness.

How is it spread?

You can become infected by coming into close contact (about 6 feet or two arm lengths) with a person who has COVID-19. COVID-19 is primarily spread from person to person. You can become infected from respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. You may also be able to get it by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it, and then by touching your mouth, nose, or eyes.

How can you protect yourself?

There is currently no vaccine to protect against COVID-19. The best way to protect yourself is to avoid being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19.

Stay home as much as possible and avoid close contact with others. Wear a cloth face covering that covers your nose and mouth in public settings. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser that contains at least 70% alcohol.

Creative Minds

We’ve received lots of amazing drawings, paintings and artistic creations, a few even won prizes in our
internal competitions! Each and every drawing certainly brought a ray of sunshine to our days, thanks for
sending them in.










Clap For Carers

Each week we have all been clapping from our gardens, balconies and windows for each and every one of the members of the ICCM Family, all Keyworkers and the NHS – Here are just a few photos from the final Clap for Carers on 28th May. Just because the Thursday clap for carers has come to an end, we are still applauding you all every day-thank you ☺





A Few Words from the Senior Management Team

Dear All,

We would like to take this opportunity to, again, say a heartfelt grateful thank you to each and every one of you.
Over the past few months we have faced many challenges, some more difficult than others. We have been working in partnership with CQC, CCG`s, commissioners and case managers to ensure we meet current legislation and guidelines, but most importantly in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff.

Every single one of us has played a vital part in maintaining a quality service delivery during these unprecedented times. We are very proud that we have maintained our high standard of quality care provision. All staff will have now received their “care box”, and we would like to thank Amazon, Waitrose and PZ Cussons for their assistance and donations. It has been lovely that other industries have recognised the hard work and dedication of our staff in the social care sector. In addition, our thanks go out to local schools and manufacturers that assisted in devising and constructing face shields and “ear savers”. During a time of uncertainty, we really have pulled together as a community, thank you, let’s hope this continues.

Stay safe and well.

Arron, Caroline and Sally.





Company Update

Ho Ho Ho from ICCM!

Welcome to the winter edition of our Newsletter. We hope you are all ready for the festive period and have treated yourself to a few gifts, you all deserve it!

Although there has been no sight of snow yet at our Head Office in Telford, the temperature has certainly dropped, so make sure you are

Christmas Fun Fact

With an average of 2.5 children per household, Santa will need to make 640 million stops on Christmas Eve. If he eats milk and mince pies at each of these addresses, he will consume a total of 150 billion calories in just one night – 60,000 times his daily recommended intake!

I think Santa will definitely be hitting the gym in the New Year!

Client Outings

One of our Clients, William, his wife and full team were looking very festive during their Christmas meal outing. We hope your meal was delicious!

Our Awesome Carers!

The awesome Carers listed below were not only nominated for City & County’s ‘Our Care Hero Awards’ but also received a letter from CEO, James Thorburn as a thank you for their hard work and commitment to the company.

  • Magdalena Andruszkiweicz
    Jacqueline Brigstock
    Ruth Gibson-Daw
    Jayson Ilagan
    Susan Leybourne
    Victoria Macleod
    Jeremiah Masosonore
    Diane Pacey
    Ramesh Vaghiani
    Helen Woolcott

A Day in the Life….

This edition, our ‘Day in the Life…’ has been provided by Sue Evans;

A typical day for me is usually a very busy one, which I love. In the 6 months I’ve spent with my client, I’ve had no two days the same and my working life is certainly never dull. I’ve been lucky to be able to support my client with family holidays, nights out, school runs, sporting events, getting jobs done around the house, shopping, bowling, hospital appointments, funerals, parties….basically anything that would be part of any family’s day to day life. Family is at the centre of everything my client does, and his day is always planned around making life work for them all.

I work a 48-hour shift pattern, which includes sleeping in in the staff flat. This week I started on Monday at 10am and I went home on Wednesday morning around the same time – that probably sounds a long time to anyone not familiar with this practice but it’s a great way to facilitate good continuity of care and the time really flies by. Working through a holiday can mean working continually for days or weeks at a time, and while it’s hard to be away from my family, the reward of helping someone have a great time with family and friends outweighs all of that.

I generally start most days around 7.00-7.30am making sure I’m armed with a hot drink of my client’s choice before waking them and beginning their morning routine and helping them to get ready for their day. My day usually finishes around 11.00-11.30pm, after making sure that my client has all that they need and that they have the means to call me if they should need anything during the night.

I do whatever my client needs, whether that be personal care, preparing food, popping the washing machine on, cleaning around the house, assisting them to stay physically fit, shopping, driving them wherever they want to go, putting an extra blanket on the bed if they wake feeling cold; basically all of the things that we all take for granted when we are doing it for ourselves.

I haven’t detailed a day in my life in a step by step way, because it’s often forgotten that our clients have very little privacy and to share details of my working day, is to share their day too. It’s important to remember that our clients have someone in their home for up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through no choice of their own, often as the result of a life changing injury. Anyone reading this only needs to know that being a PA or carer, or whatever you prefer to call it, is the most rewarding way anyone could choose to spend their days. I should know, as I’ve spent almost 35 years working in different areas of the health and social care sector with amazing colleagues and clients, and I feel lucky to be in a job that I love so much!

Thanks for providing us with this Sue!

Aspire Swimming Challenge

Rebecca, one of our Clinical Nurse Specialists, took part in the Aspire Swimming Challenge earlier this year and raised a total of £384.00!

Well done Rebecca, we are proud to have such awesome people in our ICCM Dream Team!
Rachel, our Regional Manager in the North, is also still completing the challenge – to donate use the link below!

Colour Run 2020 – Care Bears!

Members of our Head Office team will be taking part in Wolverhampton’s Colour Run on Saturday 18th July 2020, not only will they be taking part in the run but they will also be dressing up as their favourite Care Bears!

They will be fundraising for Spinal Injuries Association – please support them by donating to the charity using the link below (the link can also be found on our Social Media!)

Good Luck Arron (Operations Director), Carol (Care Manager), Cat (Payroll), Pete (Rota’s) Sam (Recruitment), Josie (Recruitment) and Siobhan (Recruitment)!!


Our last words for this edition of the Newsletter comes from our Operations Director, Arron and our Clinical Director, Caroline, who would like to thank each and every person who is part of the ICCM team for their hard work, dedication and commitment to the company over the past 12 months. Here’s to another great 12 months!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from all at ICCM!





Guess how many sweets are in our Cauldron for your chance to win £25.00 worth of Love to Shop Vouchers!

Entering is easy, just visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, comment your answer then like and share the post.


The winner will be announced at 3pm Thursday 31st October.

Good Luck! ??

ICCM Company news

Our recent CQC inspection was a huge success with the company being awarded a ‘Good’ rating. A big thank you and well done to everyone in the #ICCMDreamTeam, we couldn’t have achieved this without each and every one of you!

Client visit

Last month we had a visit from one of our clients, Ben, who came in to have a chat to some of our course candidates and our staff in the office in order to raise awareness of Ben’s needs and how we can support him further with all aspects of his care. It was great to hear some feedback on how we can improve our services and also awesome to meet Ben in person. Thanks for coming in!

City & County Care Hero Awards

We had some nominations at City & County’s Care Heroes Awards this year. Congratulations to GN’s Support Team & OF’s Support Team who were nominated for the ‘Care Team Award’. Another congratulations to Sadie Harding who was not only nominated but won the award for ‘Specialist Care or Support Worker Award’!

Client achievements

Some more great photos from Susanna Nelson and one of her PA’s Viola Fechete, they both were enjoying a spot of indoor sky diving last bank holiday! Thanks for the photos Susanna!

Brave the Shave

As some of you may already be aware, one of our awesome Care Managers, Carol, is braving the shave this year to raise funds in aide of MacMillan Cancer Support.

Carol is a seasoned charity fund raiser and last year she ran the London Marathon for children with cancer. This year, however, she has decided to make MacMillan the beneficiary of their efforts on Saturday 17th August, when her daughter, aged eight and also a survivor, will shave her mum’s head!

Should you wish to sponsor Carol, please head on over to to donate.

A Day in the Life…

We have another ‘Day in the Life..’ for you from another one of our brilliant Care Assistants – Alina Dimache.


“Good morning your highness! Time to get up!” I add a bonus – a big smile. My shift started!

I am working with one of my favourite clients today. I served a nice cup of tea, strong how he likes it, no sugar and just a little milk. I then draw the curtains and let in the beautiful morning light that tickles Frank’s face, he really enjoys that…

We have a busy day today. Soon we will start our morning routine, a nice shower, a light breakfast with some yoghurt and fruits, ready to go out after. Frank had an appointment today with his doctor. He had an operation three weeks ago, a stone was removed from his bladder and he needs to have a check-up today. A few minutes later, I transferred Frank into the car and we start our journey on M4 for 45 minutes to a hospital in London.

Busy city, very active, unique…


Just in time to visit the doctor. After a thorough check the Doctor states everything is OK. We leave the hospital and enjoy a nice cup of tea in a terrace pub in London, a few meters down from the hospital. Frank likes to socialise with people, he enjoys city life and pubs.  He has got a lot of friends, one of which we will visit today on the way home. So we follow our route back and make a stop over to a shop. Frank wants to get some chocolate and some biscuits for his friend. We do our shopping and drive to Howie’s house. 30 minutes after, we’ve been welcomed by Howie and his family. We both enjoyed having a chat with them outside in a beautiful garden for more than an hour.


We’re home. Time for medication and prepare dinner. Frank isn’t great at cooking but he really likes to help me when I start to prepare meals. So even though he is a wheelchair user he is a very active person. Frank cleaned the veg and cut them into small pieces for salad, prepared the meat and he sometimes starts to wash the plates if necessary until I finish preparing the food and laid the table. After a nice dinner, Frank gets in touch with his family on the phone. Sometime he likes to stay in the garden and enjoy the sunset with a nice cup of tea. If he is not tired, later on he likes to end his evening with a movie or with some nice old classic music.


“Time for your highness to go to bed!” and I of course add a big smile. It’s mandatory in this profession! I’ve finished my shift! Enjoying every day working with people! Mission completed!

**All names have been changed for confidentiality and data protection**

If you want your ‘A Day in the Life’ included in next quarter’s newsletter, please email it to

We are absolutely delighted to award Rhino’s member of the Month for April 2019 to Colin Gibbons.

Colin has been a Rhino’s Member since July 2018 during which time he has made quite simply phenomenal improvements! Colin was born with Mitochondrial Disease which didn’t manifest itself until age 9. Since training at the gym Colin can now stand on his own, the first time in 15 years! And can now even walk on the treadmill!

Also for the first time in 10 years he can self- propel himself in his wheelchair as a result of his improved upper body strength, all of this has had a remarkable improvement in Colin’s confidence and self-esteem.

Colin has a great sense of humour and is an absolute pleasure to have around the gym. Colin also has great determination and insisted on standing for one of his photographs to show his improvements. Colin wanted to thank Rhino’s for giving him the facilities to train and the staff for their support and in particular Brandon, for his excellent personal training sessions when Colin first came to the gym and his great instruction , techniques and pitching it just right enabling Colin now to be self-sufficient within the gym.

Thank you to Brent & Avril, Colin’s Mum & Dad for joining us this morning to celebrate this special moment with Colin. We are proud to have such a determined and kind person as part of the Rhino family, you really epitomise what Rhino’s is all about.

Please join us in congratulating Colin on his amazing achievements and on winning this month’s award.