We are absolutely delighted to award Rhino’s member of the Month for April 2019 to Colin Gibbons.

Colin has been a Rhino’s Member since July 2018 during which time he has made quite simply phenomenal improvements! Colin was born with Mitochondrial Disease which didn’t manifest itself until age 9. Since training at the gym Colin can now stand on his own, the first time in 15 years! And can now even walk on the treadmill!

Also for the first time in 10 years he can self- propel himself in his wheelchair as a result of his improved upper body strength, all of this has had a remarkable improvement in Colin’s confidence and self-esteem.

Colin has a great sense of humour and is an absolute pleasure to have around the gym. Colin also has great determination and insisted on standing for one of his photographs to show his improvements. Colin wanted to thank Rhino’s for giving him the facilities to train and the staff for their support and in particular Brandon, for his excellent personal training sessions when Colin first came to the gym and his great instruction , techniques and pitching it just right enabling Colin now to be self-sufficient within the gym.

Thank you to Brent & Avril, Colin’s Mum & Dad for joining us this morning to celebrate this special moment with Colin. We are proud to have such a determined and kind person as part of the Rhino family, you really epitomise what Rhino’s is all about.

Please join us in congratulating Colin on his amazing achievements and on winning this month’s award.