Children's Services

ICCM provides complex home care services for children with physical health care needs, including those who are technologically dependent, have a life limiting or life threatening condition, those with an acquired brain injury resulting in significant impairment and /or children who have multiple impairments from birth.  We support children of all ages.

ICCM Complex Children’ s Service focuses on supporting children with a wide range of health care needs.  Our philosophy is based on the following principles: 


  • Children are best cared for at home and with their families;
  • We have to support both the ordinary needs of children and families, as well as the child’s special needs;
  • Parents know their child better than anyone else. The ICCM care model is based on an equal partnership with the parents and family
  • Safe care must be balanced with a good quality of life, using careful risk management.
  • We work in partnership with local services to co-ordinate and respond to the childs’ needs
  • We work in partnership across all NHS & social disciplines and agencies


We know that having a child with complex physical health needs can have a huge impact on the family.  We understand the range of emotional feelings families may experience in caring for a disabled child on a day-to-day basis.  We respect the resilience that parents demonstrate and will work with them to develop effective coping strategies for responding to the different types of challenges they encounter.


Our approach is to empower parents – helping them remain in control of their lives and that of their child


ICCM childrens’ services offer:

  • Healthcare support worker teams, led by a Children’s Nurse (RSCN)
  • Stable care teams, which parents and children have a say in selecting
  • Specialist training to ensure the appropriate skills are available in the child’s care package, often undertaken in conjunction with the discharge hospital team
  •  Regular reviews and family interactions to make sure the care plan continues to be the best possible match with the child’s needs