Young Persons Care

ICCM complex home care services for adolescents supports young people in the transition from childhood to adult services.  We work with both the young person & statutory services to ensure an effective home care service is provided by the young person’s 18th birthday 

Adolescent years can be difficult times for many young people, but for children living with complex conditions, the transition to adulthood may bring additional challenges.

NHS specialist children’s services stop when the child/young person reaches their 18th birthday, at which time they need to access adult services.  For young people with continuing healthcare funding, transition plans may need to start as early as aged 14. 

These transition times can be challenging as the desire for greater independence needs to be balanced with the young person’s actual capacity. ICCM works with the young person and their families through the transition years to make change to adult services as simple as possible.

We support children and their families already in our service to make these changes.  We work to create new carer teams who can support individuals either in their existing home or in new accommodation.  We work with the families and other agencies to create an appropriate care package, ensuring that personal choice and lifestyle aspiration are met through safe, risk assessed change processes

ICCM also supports newly referred young people approaching their 18th birthday – we work with 16 & 17 year olds to design and create personalised care teams which allow the transfer of care packages to adult CHC services.