Spinal Cord Injuries

Our clients want to live in their own homes, and continue to lead independent lives. We help them to do this by providing our trained healthcare support workers, specially chosen and matched to our clients’ personalities and needs.

A spinal cord injury, or damage to the spinal cord, is a very serious physical trauma. It is likely to have a lasting and significant impact on most aspects of daily life. The area of the body affected, and the extent of this impact depends on where the spine is injured, and the severity of the injury. Many of our clients have significant spinal cord injuries and the resulting disabilities can range from numbness and loss of function of limbs to breathing problems, loss of mobility and near-total paralysis. Each of our clients will have a very specific range of needs, depending on their injuries, and their care plan will need to be very carefully mapped to their requirements.


ICCM’s approach

  • Client and family care support
  • Close liaison with local Multi-Disciplinary Teams
  • Specialist training to incorporate specific care needs, e.g. PEG feeding, NIV, moving and handling
  • Finding unique solutions to communication issues to enable the clients wishes and needs to be met and heard
  • Use of physiotherapists with expertise in re-enablement, passive limb movement and positioning