Learning Disabilities

ICCM provides care packages that support the complex healthcare needs of people living with learning disabilities (with behaviours that may challenge) so they can live at home, and lead active and fulfilling lives.

Learning disabilities affect the way people learn new information and how they communicate. There are many different types of learning disability, and – depending on the impact they have on the individual’s life – they may be categorised as mild, moderate or severe. Usually diagnosed at birth or during childhood, they can have lifelong effects. They often occur alongside other conditions, such as cerebral palsy or Down’s syndrome.


Learning disabilities are very unique to the individual, so they all need specific care plans, which provide as little – or as much – support as someone needs. ICCM provides specialist complex care services and has the teams, skills & competency to support complex care clients who also have a learning disability.  Typically such services may require bespoke care teams across large parts of the day or night. In some cases our clients need full time 24/7 support.  


With support from ICCM, in the form of a specially designed care package that uniquely meets their needs, people with severe learning difficulties can continue to live in their own homes. We regret that ICCM is unable to support clients with a learning disability who do not have additional complex care needs.


ICCM’s approach:

  • Client and family care support
  • Flexible support to meet our clients’ exact requirements
  • Focussing on the positive aspects of our clients’ abilities, and encouraging them to make the most of their talents
  • Support and help to carry out daily activities and lifestyle choices, and to be as independent as possible