Our Care Managers are responsible for overseeing every aspect of our clients’ care plans

Personalised support is the foundation of care provided by ICCM’s case management service. Our approach is to provide care plans that will improve our clients’ health and maximise their quality of life.  

ICCM Care Managers oversee the plans of each client, from the initial plan, right through to daily implementation. They make sure the plans are regularly updated so they continue to meet the needs of our clients.

New clients are assigned a Care Manager who has overall responsibility for their care. Our Community Liaison Nurses co-ordinate comprehensive assessments which form the basis of our clients’ care plans. The care plans are based on individual needs and preferences, integrated with medical, emotional, psychological and social services and other stakeholders.  

Once the care plan has been written, we recruit Healthcare Support Workers with the right skills and competencies to support the client. Our multi-disciplinary discharge teams work with local referrers, commissioners and the discharging hospital team.  Collaborative working aids our overall understanding of the clients’ needs as well as those of the placement teams, helping facilitate a smoother discharge to community living.

ICCM Care Managers have the experience and access to skill bases to make sure that each care plan is unique and personal to each client, and that it will exactly meet the needs. 

Once a client has started to receive an ICCM care package, our case management focuses on quality assurance and making sure that the care continues to meet client and commissioner needs.  Care managers provide regular progress reports to commissioners about client progress, issues and challenges.  Effective ICCM case management helps establish a productive commissioner –client-family –provider relationships.   

ICCM’s ability to co-ordinate multi-disciplinary service delivery represents a significant time saving benefit to commissioners.