Working with clients and their families

Strong family relationships and support networks exist for many of our clients who have complex conditions.  ICCM works with both the client and their family to provide effective care and help facilitate lifestyle choices. 

Effective care packages need to ensure client safety as well as maximising lifestyle choices.  Family members often encourage and support people living with complex needs to achieve more. Care providers need to balance these aspirations with ensuring that the client can be kept safe and does not undertake excessively risky activities.  Processes to manage this within any care package mature over time as both the client, the family and care team learn.


ICCM has successfully worked with many families over long periods of time.  We understand and expect all our clients to follow individual care pathways which are informed and shaped by life events and learning experiences. Good communication and a willingness for collaborative working usually results in agreed actions and safe care.


We respect and encourage parental relationships where we support younger children – working through and with the parents to delivery our support services.  Such services are often not full time recognising parental responsibility is supporting children.


There may be times when families and ICCM disagree on the best course of action.  In these cases we explain our concerns and practice guidelines to the family & client, and try to find a safe compromise. We make sure that the client’s Commissioner is made aware of the concerns and proposed approach.  We always need to consider whether actions may create any safeguarding concerns or issues