ICCM has a moral and legal duty of care to implement policies and procedures to keep vulnerable adults, children and young people safe and protect them from abuse. 

The main safeguarding activities are:

  • To screen and check new employees through interviewing processes and formal checks with statutory agencies
  • To make sure that all potential employees have suitable references prior to starting work at ICCM
  • To verify qualifications with professional bodies when necessary
  • To ensure appropriate and comprehensive training on safeguarding procedures
  • To encourage the understanding of and reporting of any concerns or actions which may be abusive

ICCM will report any concerns it has (or may receive from others) about clients to local adult and children’s safeguarding boards, as appropriate, and will work with them to manage any safeguarding concerns they identify. By being open about concerns and reporting incidents, we can encourage a culture which reduces the chances of any form of abuse occurring.