Risk Management

At ICCM, we understand our clients’ desires & aspirations to do as much as possible to live active & meaningful lives.  However, after a life-changing event, safe rehabilitation into community living can be a slow & detailed process.  We aim to facilitate lifestyle choices for our clients in a safe & effective manner. 

Managing risk normally involves a mutual learning process as new clients and their support teams establish the boundaries for safe care.


ICCM applies the principles of case management to all of its clients.  This involves the co-ordination of all the required care inputs to holistically deliver a personalised care package to our client.  Once we have tailored a particular package of care to the specific needs of an individual, the key aspect of care delivery is how our teams manage their day to day actions.  Our objective is to ensure practice is safe and effective.   This approach can only be successful if it fully involves the client and their families or carers.  ICCM’s philosophy is for safe care provided with the client; it is not care done to the client!

Every client we support has a responsibility for their own care package, in particular in how they make and take decisions that affect their overall safety and lifestyle aspirations.  Risk management is a joint process – with both the client and their support team learning how best to re-integrate and then support community living.  We try and seek compromises, but if a client wishes to undertake an activity which is too risky our role may be to say “no”.


During the early months of a new care package -  which are often intensive and challenging - we use our experience and expertise to devise care plans and operational protocols covering ground rules and boundaries to safely manage risk.  Our clients often wish to test these boundaries! Undertaking this journey together creates joint problem solving skills, builds awareness of the risks inherent in living in the community with complex health needs and maximises what clients can safely achieve in terms of their lifestyle choices.