Personal health budgets

From April 2014 people who are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding and who continue to live in their own homes can request a Personal Health Budget (PHB)

A Personal Health Budget (PHB) is a sum of NHS money provided to a client to meet their health and wellbeing needs.   This type of funding is available to individuals with serious long-term illness or complex health conditions living at home.

The PHB is spent on things that have been agreed between the person and staff. Care plans are central to personal health budget. These set out

  • the individual’s health (and social care) needs
  • the desired outcomes,
  • the amount of money in the budget
  • how this money will be spent


People who request a PHB can choose to receive it in one of 3 ways:

  1. Direct Payment – cash that they can use to purchase support and services.
  2. Third Party – a third party organisation receives the cash and spends it on behalf of an individual
  3. Notional Budget - the money is used by the NHS to purchase support for the person.


Not all types of PHBs are suitable for all clients.  This is something you should discuss with your local NHS team.   ICCM has already worked with some clients who have PHB funding and is happy to talk to clients who are interested in finding out more about PHBs.