Pain Management

The impact of poor pain control or chronic, irresolvable pain cannot be underestimated. It impacts on all aspects of daily life from moving and handling, to the ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of family and friends. Understanding our clients’ needs on a day to day basis requires the intuitive response of our Healthcare Support Workers (HSWs) who develop an understanding of their client and their needs.

The Community Liaison Nurse (CLN) works closely with the client, family and support services to provide a comprehensive care plan, which reflects the client’s individualised needs.  The care plan may cover issues as simple as the correct positioning of a pillow, through to the administration of control drugs.


Our clients’ dedicated team of HSWs are fully trained to understand the effects of pain on behaviours and mood and how the client may be affected by specific issues.


It may take a number of visits to hospital to review and modify medication regimes or even require surgical intervention (for some) before pain can be 'fully' controlled. The CLN and HSWs support the process by direct communication with specialists (at the client’s request), listening and understanding and ensuring the care plan is regularly reviewed and changed to meet the needs of the client.