Moving & handling

Many of our clients find it difficult to move around within their homes.  They may need help in moving around, and handling things safely, so that they can maintain their correct body posture and avoid injury.

We fully train our staff so they are knowledgeable and competent in the theory and practical aspects of:

•           Musculoskeletal disorders

•           Risk factors associated with back pain

•           Spine and posture 

•           Manual handling Legislation

•           Risk Assessment

•           Moving and handling techniques, including the use of beds, hoists, slings and slide sheets


Some of our Care Managers and Team Leaders are trained trainers in moving and handling risk assessments and kinaesthetic.


We think it’s important to make sure that our staff understand the specific moving and handling issues of each of our clients individually. We assess them in our client’s home so we can be confident that they are familiar and competent with our client’s specific equipment, and their individual moving and handling needs.