Live-in Care

For some of our clients, a live-in carer may provide the necessary support to enable independent living.

Most of ICCM services are provided by bespoke care teams, who attend and support the client working within a team shift pattern.  This type of care helps ensure the highest service quality; our teams being managed either by a dedicated team leader or a care manager.


However, in some cases, the needs of the client may be successfully met through live-in care.  As the name suggests, these carers will live ‘permanently’ in your home with you in order to provide care and support to you.


ICCM’s live-in care services use our same standards to ensure personalised one-to-one care for each client; something which may not be possible other possible care settings, such as a residential home.  ICCM live-in services are offered in cases which are eligible to receive CHC funding (either directly from the NHS or via Personal Health Budgets)


Our live-in services provide greater flexibility where a clients’ healthcare needs dictate support at various times of day or night compared to care which has to be delivered 24/7 to enable independent living.

Live-in care is for people who want to retain an independent lifestyle, but whose health-related issues make everyday home life more of a challenge.  Your professional live-in carer lives and works with you to meet your personal needs and wishes.  Care plans determine the service we offer and reflect individual routines and needs.

ICCM uses its experience to find the right person to support you as its ensuring that this relationship works for you which will make the biggest difference to you and your lifestyle.