ICCM governance framework

ICCM provides safe and effective care for clients by using an organisation-wide co-ordinated risk management framework.  ICCM’s overall service governance responsibility lies with the Clinical Governance Committee who operates on behalf of ICCM’s Board and Managing Director.

We understand our clients’ desires & aspirations to live active and meaningful lives.  After a life-changing event, rehabilitation into community living can be a difficult process, but we aim to facilitate clients’ lifestyle choices  safely and effectively.


Before we create our care plans, our nurses or RSCNs carry out care needs assessments and full risk assessments. These form the basis of the care package and shape care delivery and ensure safe practice around the needs of the client.  Team recruitment can then focus on the necessary skills required.


Our philosophy is that every person/family we support has a responsibility for their own care package.  The decisions that our clients, and their families take will affect their overall safety and lifestyle aspirations.  Risk management is a joint process – with both the client/family and their support team learning how best to re-integrate and support community living. When new clients and their support teams come together for the first time, there is a mutual learning process as they work together to establish the boundaries of safe care.  And effective risk management can only achieved with the total commitment, and support from all ICCM staff (including management, operational and clinical teams) and from the client and their family.


We believe that service delivery risks can be minimised by ensuring appropriate training.  ICCM’s staff complete specialist training sessions which are directly relevant to the client whom they will be working with.  We use both in-house and external training, depending on need. We like to be positive and optimistic, and help our clients get the most out of their lives,  but if an activity is too risky, sometimes our role is to say ‘no’. Actions and learnings are documented and reviewed through Care Manager review and team meetings.

Things may go wrong – it is the nature of taking risks. All incidents, no matter how small are recorded in an incident report.  These reports help team and organisational learning, including our Clinical Governance Committee. Changes in a client’s care plan may follow, as well as additional training if necessary.


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