Weekly reports and regular feedback

ICCM typically provides weekly progress reports to keep Commissioners regularly informed about the progress of care packages

Managing client and family expectations can take up a lot of commissioning time. We help Commissioners set realistic expectations by keeping them fully informed of issues and concerns via regular progress reports. 


ICCM routinely provides a weekly progress report for most clients (sometimes weekly reports may not be required).  We report on progress and service delivery issues – so that our Commissioners can see the whole picture.


Many of ICCM’s clients present with very complex conditions.  By working together with Commissioners, we aim to understand and establish when ‘push back’ is needed, whether additional psychological support is warranted with early hospital discharge and how family dynamics affect care delivery.   We believe good communication with the client’s Commissioner is essential to effective care delivery.


ICCM also provides contractual reporting as required by funding authorities.