Medication management

Many of our clients need to take complex medication regimes. Some manage their medication completely independently, whilst others need some support. We can be involved as much or as little as our clients need us to be.

At the start of the care package, one of our Community Liaison Nurses (CLNs) sits down with the client – and family, if appropriate – and discusses their medication needs with them. The CLN writes a medication risk assessment, which describes how much help the client needs with every component of their medication. This can range from no intervention to every aspect of medication needing to be managed as part of the care package. The CLN will give the client a list of their medications, and for each medication: any alternative names, what it is for, possible side effects and contra indications. These will be included in the care plan, along with the medication risk assessment and ICCM’s medication policy, which are all legal requirements.

For those clients who need help with ordering and delivery of medication as well as keeping sufficient stocks,  ICCM can set up an appropriate stock control and ordering system.

All ICCM’s Healthcare Support Workers have medication awareness training followed by a competency assessment by nurses for their particular client. If specialist medication is required, additional training will be given.

We know that many of our clients can manage their medication quite independently. For those who need some help, ICCM can provide a safe, well documented and reliable solution.