ICCM service/ clinical effectiveness

We work hard to ensure that the care we provide is as high quality as possible.   

ICCM teams work to ensure that the care they provide is safe, effective and adheres to best practice. Our care packages;

  • Are based on collaborative working relationships with clients and their families to optimise outcomes, adopting a goal setting approach where appropriate
  • Are individualised for each client
  • Are targeted to maintaining clients’ optimum health
  • Are managed using effective case management approaches
  • Aim to reduce hospital time for clients with long term conditions by providing alternative home care provision
  • Aim to minimise the incidence of hospital and care home admissions
  • Aim to maintain optimal health, and reduce the risk of healthcare-related illness
  • Aim to enable maximum functional recovery and independence
  • Aim to give our clients support so they can maximise their lifestyle choices