Breathing & Respiration

Many of our clients need support to help them breathe normally. We have 17 years of experience in supporting clients requiring both invasive and non-invasive long-term ventilation

Many of our clients are very experienced in both the understanding and care of their mechanical ventilation and supporting interventions such as humidification, suctioning, tracheotomy care and cough assistance. However, they need the confidence that their team is competent in delivering the level of care they need to live safely in the community.

Our Healthcare Support Workers (HSWs) undertake all aspects of respiratory care and receive the required level of training to meet the needs of their clients. Our Learning and Development department, in liaison with the Community Liaison Nurses (CLNs) provide classroom training in all aspects of breathing and respiratory care to meet individualised needs.

The CLNs provide support by building relationships with key external clinicians, ensuring care planning reflects clinical need, as directed by specialist clinicians. Support is also provided in terms of equipment and consumables to ensure stocks are maintained and equipment remains efficient and safe.

Not all of our clients require ventilator support. Some require different types of support, for example, they may be susceptible to respiratory tract infections, or suffer with respiratory infections such as asthma and emphysema. Each individualised care plan will reflect specific need, with the HSWs trained and competent to recognise changes, respond appropriately and proactively in an emergency situation and monitor and report appropriately.

Some of our ventilated clients help with staff training and skills development – this shared work helps ensure best practice is maintained.