ICCM prides itself on providing high standards of quality care to all its clients, using a clearly defined model of care. 

ICCM recruits & builds bespoke care teams around the needs of clients.  Our full care model operates across larger care packages and is based on 3 key staffing roles:

  • The ICCM Team Leader
  • A Care Manager
  • A Community Liaison Nurse

ICCM Community Liaison Nurses (CLNs) lead the initial assessment of each referral and use this to shape each client’s individual care package.  We then work with the client, family and commissioner to agree the care plan and recruit a bespoke carer team with skills and competencies to meet these specific needs.  Depending on the level of support and care required, this team, made up of Healthcare Support Workers (HSWs) may vary from 2 or 3 in number, up to 13.  Other professionals may also support the care package.

For large care packages, a Team Leader will head the delivery team, and provide the contact point for the family. Smaller care packages will be managed by our Care Managers.

Our care managers are responsible for the overall management and quality of the care package. On a regular basis they review the suitability of the care plan and check that it continues to meet the needs of our clients, based on day to day feedback from the client and the care team.

CLNs work across local professional health and social services to ensure that local support services are made available when they are needed.

The following illustrates the ICCM care model: