A day in the life of

The day of a Health Care Support Worker is anything but your normal 9 to 5!!

8am – Having arrived at my client’s house I share a handover with the team that worked through the night.  Everything is well, time to start a shared process to get my client out of bed and ready for the day.


8.30am – We use a hoist to help with the lifting, after picking clothes for today and discussing last night’s episode of Coronation Street,  it’s time for breakfast.


10.00am – Breakfast is completed and we’ve cleaned some of the machines that my client uses to support his breathing.  When I first started I’d never even seen such a machine let alone help use one!   The training gave me full understanding and the confidence to be able do what I do everyday.


11.00am – We’re off out today – Shopping!  My client owns his own car.  His electric wheelchair drives directly into the back.  Once we’re in and seatbelts on we’re off to the shopping centre.  My job when we get there is to take things from shelves / rails so my client can get a better look.  While we are there my client decides to stop for a cuppa and a bite to eat.  There are always two of us with my client, this supports should anything be required with his equipment.


2.00pm – When we get home my client decides to spend some time in the garden – It’s sunny today so I ensure the parasol is covering my client.  In order to give him some time alone we stay just inside, in earshot.


6pm – My client has spent the afternoon in the garden and talking to his friend on the phone.  I’ve had time to complete some paperwork.  The paperwork is simple to understand and my notes are important, as they let my colleagues see what has been done today.  My client has dinner and his evening medication. 


7.30pm – It’s nearing the end of my shift and I have a handover with the team who will be working tonight.  I inform them of what we have done and show them the paperwork I’ve completed.  We have a detailed process for everything we do which means we never forget anything!!  I say goodbye to everyone and on the drive home I reflect on what a good day my client has had.